Get a full day of private coaching with Jerry Potter this Monday with "Messenger Coaching" for only $199.
This is coaching with no limits, and without having to
get on Zoom at a specific time.

Here's how it works:

You'll get full access to private message Jerry Potter via Facebook Messenger for 24 hours

Ask as many questions as you want during the period

Jerry will respond to every question

To make sure everyone gets the personal attention they need, spaces are limited.

But if this page loaded for you, then there is still at least one slot available.

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PROGRESS GUARANTEE: After your Messenger Coaching session, if you don't think our conversations will help you make progress in your business, just let us know within 24 hours and I'll send you 100% of your money back.
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  • 1xMessenger Coaching Monday$199

All prices in USD

Private Coaching is one of the fastest ways to get clarity or have a breakthrough...
  • When does my Messenger Coaching Monday session begin & end?
    To accommodate different time zones all over the world, you can ask questions for a full 24 hours starting at 12am EST (New York Time) on Monday until 12am EST Tuesday.
  • What is the limit on how many questions I can ask?
    There are no limits, ask as many as you would like! I only ask that you only ask one question per message so that you can easily see the questions and answers when you revisit them.

    NOTE: You can send as many questions in a row as you'd like, just put each question/topic in a separate message.
  • Do I have to wait for Jerry Potter to reply before I ask another question?
    Nope! You can ask questions as you think of them. Just send each question in a different message so that both you and I can keep them organized.
  • What kinds of things can I ask about?
    Anything you'd like. Except really personal stuff like my social security number.

    You can obviously ask about social networks and social media marketing strategy, but I'm also happy to help with email, launching, courses, memberships, offers and more. If you think I can help, then ask away!
  • How fast will I receive an answer?
    It will depend on what time of day it is since I won't be staying up 24 hours in a row to do this. But during the hours I'm awake and working you should receive a reply within a couple of hours - often faster.

    I also promise to reply to all your questions within 24 hours.
  • What kind of answers will be provided?
    Most answers will come as a voice recording, but I'm sure I'll send some answers as text (short answers, links, etc.).

    That's why I recommend sending each question as a separate message. Then at the end you'll be able to see each question with it's corresponding answer so you can revisit if you'd like.
  • Which Monday is this for?
    It's for the next Monday on the calendar, starting at 12am Eastern Time.
  • Can I change Mondays if my schedule changes?
    Yes, as long as there is room for the Monday you want.


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